Epistemology in General

  • Teaching Theory of Knowledge is an online hypertext textbook on Epistemology edited by Marjorie Clay. Of primary interest in this page is the fourteen modules in the Contemporary section, which contain lists of topic-specific references, but the first course and the bridge courses should not be neglected despite the lack of specific ties to a subject.
  • Keith Korcz'sEpistemology Research Guide and its accompanying Bibliography is, effectively, a far more detailed, albeit dated version of this page targeted at more professional epistemologists. If you want or are willing to get a book, go to the bibliography. If you want online papers, section 8 of the Research Guide. If you want other bibliographys, Section 5
  • Course pages:
    • Jim Pryor's readgs and lecture notes for his course on epistemology
    • The notes for Michael Tooley's epistemology course
    • Richard Feldman's course page for his MIT Theory of Knowledge course.
    • Keith DeRose has an epistemology page with a list of pre-2009 online epistemology course pages that may or may not still be online.

Epistemological States and Properties

  • The short Analysis paper by Edmund Gettier that started the fuss is here.
  • Encyclopedia articles:
      Epistemic Luck: IEP
  • Articles relating to the Gettier problem can be found at PhilPapers, here.
  • In the first of the below clips Peter Millican outlines the justified-true-beleif analysis of knowledge to a class of Oxford students, covering the differences between coherentism, foundationalism, internalism and externalism along the way. In the next clip, he gives Gettier counterexamples to this analysis.


Problems of Induction

  • General encyclopaedia entries:
    • Confirmation and Induction: IEP
    • The Problem of Induction: SEP
    • Induction in Philpapers
Hume's Problem of Induction
  • Classic sources:
    • David Hume, Treatise of Human Nature (1.3.6): here
    • David Hume, Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding (Section 4, "Sceptical Doubts Concerning the Operations of the Understanding"): here
    • David Hume, Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding (Section 5, "Sceptical Solution to these Doubts"): here
    • Bertrand Russell (1912), The Problems of Philosophy (Chapter 6, "On Induction"): here
  • Encyclopedia entries:
  • see here.
  • See here.
  • Philpapers categories for
Goodman's New Riddle of Induction
Hempel's Ravens Paradox

Social Epistemology

Formal Epistemology

Epistemic Normativity