About NotNotPhilosophy


Doug Campbell is a lecturer in the University of Canterbury Philosophy Department, New Zealand, who obtained his doctorate from the University of Arizona in 2010. This site is owned and edited by him, with help from Tarn Somervell Fletcher, a Philosophy and Mathematics student at the University of Canterbury.

Raison d'ĂȘtre

The site is intended for:
  • those who teach philosophy -- especially at early undergraduate level
  • students, and anyone who finds philosophy interesting
Its mission is to do what no other website presently does: namely, provide a central launchpad -- indexed by topic -- from which every online resource that is of great and obvious value to students of philosophy can be reached. These include:
  • Primary texts by great philosophers
  • Encyclopedia entries (chiefly from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
  • Subject pages in PhilPapers
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube clips
  • Topic-focused websites
  • A great many other gems

Editorial Policy

The website's nature is such that (sadly) it will never quite link to everything it should, and suggestions for things to add (or delete) are welcomed and appreciated. That said, the editor reserves the right to decide what will and won't go on the site. Relevant factors include:
  • Quality. If it's a fantastic educational resource, this site will link to it.
  • Utility. Since this website is an educational resource, it won't link to philosophy sites with little educational content. (It seldom links to the websites of departments, journals or associations for this reason.)
  • Presentation. YouTube clips consisting of raw classroom footage will rarely be selected. Nor will sites from which dead links haven't been pruned.
  • Credibility. Content that is peer-reviewed or, at least, authored by professional philosophers, is strongly preferred.
  • Stability. There is a strong preference for content that is unlikely to disappear for a long time.
  • Open Access. This website will rarely link to content located behind a pay-wall.
  • Clutter Avoidance. When there are multiple competing sites offering very similar content, this site will link to no more than one or two of them.