Normative Ethics

Normative Ethics

Normative Ethics in General

  • In this video, Harvard political philosopher, Michael Sandal, gives an introductory lecture on the relative merits of consequentialist and deontological moral theories, with reference to trolly cases and the example of a cabin boy killed and eaten by his fellow crew-members who were starving in a lifeboat. (The rest of the lecture series is also on YouTube.)

  • The IEP's discussion of normative ethics is here.
  • The SEP's page on the Definition of Morality is highly relevant
  • Massimo Pigliucci (City University of New York) discusses neuroethics and a trolley dilemma in the following clip:
  • Consequentialism

    Utilitarianism in General
    Hedonistic Utilitarianism
    Preference Utilitarianism
    Other types of Utilitarianism
    • Eudaimonic, Ideal, or pluralistic utilitarianism is a class of utilitarianism that values things other than experiences or preference satisfaction, although the section on pluralistic utilitarianism in the SEP includes a discussion of negative utilitarianism.
    • (subset of hedonistic?)
    • Global Consequentialism
    Act & Rule Utilitarianism
    Aggregation: Average & Total Utilitarianism
  • Pluralistic utilitarianism contains discussion of average & total utilitarianism, as does 'History of Utilitarianism'sHenry Sidgewick section.
    Actual & Expected Utilitarianism
  • Deontology

    Deontology in General
    Divine Command theory
    Kantian Deontology
    Natural Law

    Virtue Ethics

    • The IEP's discussion of virtue ethics is here.
    • The SEP's article on Virtue Ethics is here. See also the article on Ancient Ethical Theory, and specifically Aristotle and his ethics
    • These two podcasts from The Unexamined Life -- here and here -- are about Alasdair MacIntyre’s book After Virtue: A Study in Moral Theory (1981). The first podcast examines MacIntyre’s negative arguments, against extant ethical theories. The second podcast examines his positive proposal, a from of virtue ethics.